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Reduce fat + rebuild muscle: Take advantage of Cutera’s body sculpting devices truSculpt® flex and truSculpt® iD to reduce fat and increase muscle strength and tone. Used individually or paired together, the truBody treatment delivers a personalized treatment experience with long-lasting results and high patient satisfaction.

Body sculpting solutions from Cutera

Product Solutions


truSculpt flex

truSculpt flex targets specific muscle groups with a fast, 15-minute treatment. Featuring multi-directional stimulation and 3 unique treatment modes, truSculpt flex offers personalized treatments based on a patients’ fitness level, shape, and goals.


Strengthening, toning, firming of the abs, buttocks, and thighs.





truSculpt iD

truSculpt iD is a monopolar RF personalized body sculpting platform that treats the subcutaneous fat layer, resulting in long-lasting fat reduction.


Abdominal lipolysis, circumferential reduction of the abdomen and flanks, deep dermal heating.